Daily Archives: November 15, 2011

Some road blockades suspended temporarily

The trucking industry [heavy load transport association] said on Tuesday afternoon, a recess is in effect, after agreeing with the Government to install a working group to discuss the payment of taxes and fines for the legalization of undocumented trailers or ‘flat’ units.

“We determined to make a recess in our pressure measurements while analyzing this issue in a work table,” said the president of the Bolivian Chamber of National and International Transport, Fidel Baptista, after a meeting with Deputy Minister of Tax Policy Susana Rios in La Paz.

This group blocked the access roads to Bolivian cities and some international borders [Argentina, Peru] to protest the official proposal to pay $ 1,300 dollars, an average “tax” per unit, to legalize their trailers.


You could see the Spanish article in El Deber:


Be aware that Tarija intends to go on strike tomorrow and the Oruro strike is also underway. Current Bolivian president, when asked to intervene, said he will not do that, as he expects the Governors of Potosi and Oruro to solve this. I just hope that this issue does not confront more these two beautiful departments.