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Bolivia and USA restored bilateral relations!!

Joint Statement by the United States of America and the Plurinational State of Bolivia

Media Note; Office of the Spokesperson; Washington, DC; November 7, 2011

“Today, U.S. Under Secretary for Global Affairs Maria Otero and Bolivian Vice
Foreign Minister Juan Carlos Alurralde signed a Framework Agreement to guide
relations between the United States and Bolivia. The accord establishes a
framework by which the two governments will pursue relations on the basis of
mutual respect and shared responsibility.”

“The “Framework Agreement for Mutually Respectful and Collaborative Bilateral
Relations between the Government of the Plurinational State of Bolivia and the
Government of the United States of America” outlines several critical areas for
future collaboration between Bolivia and the United States.”

“The Agreement’s objectives include strengthening and deepening bilateral
relations, with respect for sovereign states and their territorial integrity;
promoting human, economic, social, and cultural development in an
environmentally sustainable manner; supporting cooperative and effective action against illicit narcotics production and trafficking, on the basis of shared
responsibility; enhancing law enforcement cooperation; and strengthening the
commercial relationships between Bolivia and the United States through the Trade and Investment Council.”

“The Framework Agreement also establishes a Joint Commission and provides for working-level mechanisms to ensure the effective implementation of this

“The Agreement provides both governments with the mechanisms to work together on issues of mutual concern. We look forward to the early return of ambassadors to both Washington and La Paz and to a more productive, collaborative relationship for the benefit of both our peoples.”


ABOUT TIME YOU GUYS!!! Regardless of a given person, group of persons, political parties and others… The people of Bolivia and the USA have a long and enduring ties which have been and will continue to prevail. So, I’m happy the two countries I love have restored bilateral relations!!