Reach Great Heights When Visiting La Paz, Bolivia

Udaipur Kiran reports:

Reach Great Heights When Visiting La Paz, Bolivia

South America is a continent which is a stunning mixture of the old and the new. There are so many wonderful things to see and experience in this bold and timeless land that the erstwhile traveler may feel a bit lost. Lucky for you though there is La Paz. Sitting as the highest administrative center in the world at the Andes Altiplano plateau this region has got so much to experience and see. Here are six things that you can and should enjoy when you are visiting this storied region.

If you are in the market for some potions and spells you should definitely make sure to visit the Witches’ Market. While this is one of those places that you have to seek out, the Witches’ Market promises to not disappoint. Ancient Aymaran beliefs are still practiced in this part of the world and the reverence allowed to places like this market cannot be overstated. Just make sure to bring your laundry list of foes and the incantations, herbs, and advice allowed here promise not to disappoint.

If you are familiar with the over the top nature of the United States World Wrestling Federation you should undoubtedly make a point to stop in and see some Cholita Wrestling when you are visiting La Paz. Loosely translated Cholita means “small half-breed” and this term comes as a badge of honor for the Cholita wrestlers.The folks wrestling in this activity are women and the outlandish nature of the sport makes for a memorable experience for everyone involved.

If you are an active cyclist then you have no doubt heard of “Death Road.” This nickname for Yungas Road in Bolivia checks in at some 4800 meters high and 56 kilometers long. If you do brave this road you should be well aware that some 300 people die on it every year. It’s a thrilling spot for mountain biking adventure seekers though with an almost continuous downhill slope, despite the road being only about the width of a single automobile in some spots.

Another area for those seeking a thrilling experience is for skiers and snowboarders. The Bolivian Andes mountains play host to the world’s highest ski slope with glaciers peaking around 5000 m. If you do make it out to this part of the world and skiing is in your blood then it’s almost criminal for you not to attempt to shred here.

If heights are a problem for you then you may be beginning to notice a pattern here. However, if you are thrilled by being so high above the earth and you need to get around then where better to come than La Paz? The cable cars in La Paz are an excellent way to get around from point A to point B. Combine this with the fact that these cars are some 4000 m above the earth and the thrill seeker in you will be amused. Don’t worry though, these cable cars operate every day. There is no way that you are special enough to perish while riding on them…right?

Finally, for those who really want to just get out and dangle themselves high above the earth, there is the Flying Fox zip lining. This is another one of those spots in La Paz which really just needs to be experienced in person to be appreciated. If you dare let the skilled operators on these lines show you just what real living is all about.

If you are a thrill seeker, cyclist, skier, or other types of heights seeking adventurist then you know that La Paz is indeed a great spot to visit. With so much to see, so much to do, and such heights to be ascended to, La Paz will show you the thrills you have been seeking!

Bolivian Thoughts opinion: Only need to mention this, La Paz has SO much to offer! starting with friendly, cultural-diverse people. Last century was the melting pot for Bolivia. Come enjoy also Bolivian food, you will not be disappointed!

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