Bolivian women experience greater underemployment

El Diario reports:

Women experience greater underemployment

In the year 2015, 18.4% of the women in the labor force reported being underemployed, 8.2 percentage points higher than men (10.2%). The difference by gender has been persistent throughout the analysis period; but in 2006 and 2011 was significantly higher, with just over 13%, established the Network Employment, Revenue and Production, Eminpro.

However, the trend in both cases has been declining, which shows the fall in underemployment; although associated to some extent with the economic boom given the cyclical characteristics of labor variables: In 1999, for example, 36.3% of women and 23.7% of men in the labor force were underemployed.

Bolivian Thoughts opinion: Regrettably, Bolivia is still a “macho” society, despite the Genome discovery that establishes that there is no gender nor race better than the other …

Bolivia needs to overcome this as women represent 50% of our labor force, if we want to overcome poverty, we must give women their rightfully place!

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