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Runaway contamination of Lake Titicaca … point of NO return?!

El Diario reports:

Runaway contamination of Lake Titicaca

• Peru and Bolivia plan to clean the most navigable and highest lake in the world.

The cleaning of Lake Titicaca and the protection of its natural wealth is one of the joint projects that will be addressed by the governments of Peru and Bolivia, said President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, who acknowledged that, unfortunately, it is being contaminated at a runaway pace .

“We are working on several very important projects, one of which is to clean the highest navigable lake in the world, Titicaca, which is also a common lake between both countries (Peru and Bolivia),” said the Peruvian president.

In the framework of the joint declaration, at the end of the Presidential Encounter and III Binational Cabinet Peru-Bolivia, in Government Palace, said that Peru is committed to conserve its wild flora and fauna, “I am sure Bolivia also. We can not let this natural wealth of the world be wasted and deteriorated,” he said.

“We are in danger because there is a cycle of climate change that can desertify everything, we have to work together, because of the cultures, the geography are not limited to political borders,” he explained.


Bolivian Thoughts opinion: Throughout my professional life, I’ve witnessed and meet the Binational entity responsible to manage/coordinate activities in the lake. This news looks like one more diplomatic propaganda.

This beautiful lake has deteriorated SO much! When I was a kid, no matter in which shore I would be in, it was crystalline water and no pollution was visible. We also have to agree that population grew exponentially and one of the more polluting ones is Puno, Peru. More population that dumps their waste into the lake.

What can be done? … With the leadership of the coca grower who has had absolute control of ALL State powers for the last eleven years, I sadly expect nothing!