Daily Archives: September 13, 2017

evo’s wrongdoings reflects on solitude?! … eleven years of waste, chaos and anarchy! no wonder!

Eleven years of the best possible economic times ever in our history!

Eleven years of the worst possible government: inept, corrupt!

And … they happened at the same time under the “leadership” of the coca grower caudillo!

The result: over $160 billion dollars wasted and no single sustainable job, investment made …

This ochlocracy, is touching bottom … and what is worse, the few individuals with some intelligence, sapience are beginning to abandon the ship … a bunch of “leftist” who believe are intellectuals … and the brain of this “revolution” … have clearly demonstrated they didn’t give much … and also were confronted by the humongous egocentrism of their leader …

Money is gone, no sound investments, just cash/liquidity from smuggling, illegal activities, narcotrafficking … money laundering … in fact, this government has wasted eleven years! and is becoming a pariah, among its own acolytes!

This cartoon (09/12/2017) from El Diario, show it all!