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The World must know: Rejection of intention to re-nominate Evo Morales

El Diario reports:

Rejection of intention to re-nominate Evo Morales

After the presentation of an abstract action before the Constitutional Court, on the part of the Movement to Socialism [MAS], analysts and constitutionalist argue that this body has no power to declare unconstitutional the articles of the Political Constitution of the State.

In addition, organizations and political parties opposed to the MAS yesterday expressed their resounding rejection of Evo Morales and Álvaro García’s intention to seek “indefinite re-election”, through an interpretation of the Constitutional Court. They described the event as a real blow to democracy and the rule of law.

They also pointed out that Article 410 of the Political Constitution places the Constitution above international standards.


Bolivian Thoughts opinion: The World must understand this: we do not want to overthrown this petty individual, we want him to finish his mandate and then leave, we already voted to prevent him to seek a fourth illegitimate election!

He wasted over $160 billion dollars, he forced over 700 Bolivians to flee the country due to his political persecution. He just represents the “socialists of the 21st century” … that is: a useless dictator who bloomed corruption and boosted narcotrafficking!