Indigenous of the TIPNIS declared themselves in alert because of a change in the law

Miguel Melendres reports for El Deber:

Indigenous of the TIPNIS declared themselves in alert because of a law

Proponents of the TIONIS declare emergency and ask for support.

Officials from the Indigenous Territory and Isiboro Sécure National Park (TIPNIS) declared themselves in emergency due to the approval of the Amazon Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, the bill for protection and integral and sustainable development of TIPNIS, which repeals Law 180 that institutes the intangibility of that region.

“We are not going to allow aggression to our territory with the repeal of Law 180. We will take measures as authorities, within the territory,” said the leader of the TIPNIS Subcentral, Fabian Gil, who arrived yesterday at
La Paz to promote the TIPNIS Emergency Forum.

For her part, the head of the Indigenous Women’s Sub-Center, Marqueza Teco, requested support on a national and international scale, to avoid the construction of mega-structures such as the asphalted road that would cross the middle of the park to unite Cochabamba and Beni.

The plenary of the House of Representatives has on the agenda the debate, during this week, of the draft Law 266, which, according to the Government, is a product of the consensus among the indigenous people of the area, although the opposite party says that they are intercultural in favor Of the expansion of coca crops.

The former president of Subcentral TIPNIS Fernando Vargas and now environmental activist called on the Bolivian people “to prepare for an effective uprising to protect the TIPNIS before the destructive policy of the Government.” Vargas led in 2012 the VIII Indigenous March that achieved the intangibility.

Bolivian Thoughts opinion to the World: This is an unfortunate event that portrays the real nature of the coca grower caudillo that has been the Bolivian president for the last eleven years.

Proclaimed himself as defender of indigenous rights and protector of mother earth, was just a facade, as his loyalty remains of the coca growers of the Chapare, whose produce goes directly to cocaine production in more than 90%.

The world must understand that Bolivia is turning out to be the Somalia of South America … too many bad similarities, like anarchy, blooming violence, narcotrafficking are day-to-day events that devastate my beautiful country!

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