Cattle farmers worried about pending cases for slash-and-burning of previous years reports:

Cattle farmers worried about pending cases for slash-and-burning of previous years

Trinidad, (ABI) .- The manager of the Beni and Pando Cattle Raising Federation, Carmelo Arteaga, said on Monday that the sector is concerned about the pending processes that exist for slash-and-burning on their farms in past years.

“There are concerns about some administrative procedures that have been sanctioned for burnings that would have occurred in previous years, and are still pending,” he said.

Arteaga said that this sector has an interest in regularizing the sanctions for burning on their properties in past years.

He explained that this issue was addressed at the weekend [03/04/2017], in Trinidad, at a meeting of the Confederation of Cattlemen of Bolivia.

Arteaga said the livestock producers propose a procedure similar to the regularization of clearings without authorization, ie to pay a certain amount, according to the consensus reached with the Authority of Control and Social Control of Forests and Lands (ABT).

He recalled that this month expires the deadline for the regularization of the processes by clearing, but they will request an extension to insert a procedure that allows to regularize the fires.

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