Drought: CEPB says that lacked seriousness in decrees

ANF reports in Los Tiempos:

Drought: CEPB says that lacked seriousness in decrees

After nearly a month of the approval of 12 decrees issued by President Evo Morales to address the effects of drought, the Confederation of Private Entrepreneurs of Bolivia (CEPB) described them as “unserious” and “irrelevant”. Warned that failure to take serious action on this issue, the country will “pay the bill” over the short-term. [below pics were obtained from the internet]

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 10.32.00 AM

“We will not stop to salute the willingness of the Government (take action) quickly, but the reality is that many of the (decrees) are not applicable even though there has been very good disposition of our president Evo” said the President of the CEPB, Ronald Nostas.

The decrees are intended to alleviate the drought, which is considered as the worst in 25 years and is generating significant losses to small and large farmers.

Nostas said the situation for the agricultural sector is complex and that the decrees do not address the underlying problem. “We have not solved maybe even 20 percent of the problem because we have not faced with the seriousness of the case,” he said.


The Association of Agricultural Input Suppliers (APIA) reported that the debt of the Santa Cruz agro, affected by the severe drought, reaches at least 315 million dollars only in inputs, so the Government suggested creating a fund to support producers with their debts.

“We as APIA only represent a sector input suppliers, there are also planting service providers, harvesting, transport, (…) we have high debt and have asked the government to make a determination. We requested a fund of 315 million dollars,” APIA president, Juan Mario Rojo said yesterday.

Rojo said APIA is committed to supporting the Government of summer planting for the Executive Gov to ensure the collection and sanitize the production chain.


The Bolivian government is really a true ochlocracy: know nothing and are just useless!

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