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X-rated porn TV advert with naked women on sofas branded ‘sexist’ and ‘macho’

Bradley Jolly reports for the Daily Star Sunday:

X-rated porn TV advert with naked women on sofas branded ‘sexist’ and ‘macho’

A NAUGHTY TV advert featuring nude women sprawling across sofas has been slammed as “media violence” and “vulgar”.

[to watch the video, please use the link at the bottom]

Naked models seductively crawl and sit on sofas in the showroom for the raunchy ad for Corimexo, a furniture company.

The “Pure Leather” video shows one woman on all fours and rub herself suggestively against the furniture.

She also walks around the showroom scantily clad and seductively strokes the chairs.


The blonde model then lies on her back completely naked on another sofa, raising one leg in the air while her hands rest on her chest and between her legs.


But the Bolivian furniture firm was slammed by viewers and pressure groups.

Mujeres Creando (Women Creating), a feminist group, began legal proceedings against the company under Bolivian law for “media violence” against women.

Viewers took to social media to express their disgust.

One Twitter user said: “The Corimexo ad is vulgar. It objectifies the woman and is therefore sexist.”

But others online liked the advert.

One Twitter user wrote: “Why such a fuss? This advertising is more decent than the previous ones.”

Another social media user posted: “Corimexo make it better each year. Congratulations, don’t take notice of the people who criticize.”