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Bolivian gov flunked: Exports fall further and trade deficit soars

Pagina Siete reports via hoybolivia.com:

Exports fall further and trade deficit soars

screen-shot-2016-09-08-at-4-17-28-pmThe value of domestic exports until July continued its downward trend and decreased by 26% compared to 2015, while the trade deficit soared, according to the National Statistics Institute (INE).

The figures show that in the first seven months of last year sales abroad totaled $5,471.5 million dollars, but in this year decreased to $4,050 million.

Oil exports through July reached only $1,258.8 million, 50.9% less (see chart) than the same period of 2015. The value of shipments of natural gas to Brazil and Argentina decreased by 50%.

Mineral sales reached $988.5 million, 7.1% less than 2015.

In this group, declines were: 7.1% zinc, 7.7% silver, 48% copper, wolfram 43.9% and 53.3% antimony.

Exports of agriculture, forestry and fishing reached $258.6 million, 0.6% more.

In this segment sales increased 16.8% for fruits, beans 25.6%, peanuts 13.2%, sesame seeds 20.4%, seeds and faba beans 1,192.6% and fell 33.9% the quinoa, chia 31.7%, 36% corn, among others.

Marketing of manufactured goods abroad totaled $1,477.2 million, 0.1% above the previous year.

According to the INE report, highlighted the increases in sales of gold, silver and metallic tin, gold jewelry and decreases for milk powder, food, chemical and hearts of palm.

The decline in marketing to foreign markets has to do with falling international prices of oil, minerals and others.

Trade balance

Last year, until July trade balance showed a trade deficit of $71 million (more imports than exports).

In this year, the trade gap increased to $670.9 million dollars.
Bolivia mainly imports capital goods, industrial supplies, transport equipment and spare parts.


To understand better the magnitude of this disgrace just need to validate the concept that the ruling party of the coca grower caudillo, like all socialist populists, have failed big time!

$150 billion dollars wasted, increase in corruption, increase in narcotrafficking, over 70 people died during this government, over 700 people who fled the country out of political persecution are just the highlights of the worst possible government ever!