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Outrageous!! Bolivian gov intends to perpetuate in power, WTH!?

El Diario reports:

Opposition lawmakers

They intend to modify the CPE intend so that Morales can run again

Escudo NacionalOpposition lawmakers argue that the advertisements to call a new referendum to amend the Constitution of the State (CPE) using the issue of the Fiscal Pact and the redistribution of economic resources, has the real goal of trying to enable Evo Morales to a third re-nomination.

The congressman for Democratic Unity (UD), Tomas Monasterio, criticized that in the agenda of the Head of State, his re-nomination is prioritized, having other important issues such as insecurity, improving the economy, development projects and other matters that require urgent attention. He added that it is not necessary to modify the CPE to treat the Fiscal Pact.

For his part, the congressman of the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS), Javier Zabaleta admitted the intend to make a new referendum, but said that, for the moment, nothing was determined.