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Bolivia experiences fewer foreign investment

El Diario reports:

Report of the BCB
Foreign investment in oil and mining fell

Potosi HoyBolivia 2 Sep 2011The Central Bank of Bolivia (BCB) argues that the foreign direct investment  (FDI) fell down significantly in hydrocarbons and mining in the period January-March of the present year.

According to the report of the BCB, the oil activity received $131 million dollars, i.e., $78 million less with regard to similar period of 2014, when $209 million arrived to the sector.

FDI between January and March reached only five million dollars. Last year, in similar period, investment disbursed resources by $32 million for the marketing of minerals, according to data from the BCB.

The analyst and expert in the sector of the Jubileo Foundation, Raul Velasquez, said that the lack of foreign investment in hydrocarbons to make exploration, is definitely, “critical for the country”.