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In Cobija, Pando: Court sentence for illegal gold mining

El Diario reports:

Court sentence for illegal gold mining

The Trial Court No. 2 of the Judicial District of Cobija – Pando issued a conviction for the crime of illegal exploitation of mineral resources under the provisions of Article 232 of the Penal Code. This was the first conviction in this case, according to the Jurisdictional Mining Management Authority (AJAM).

[photo corresponds to a news article on the same subject by jornadanet.com]





This ruling comes in the wake of the direct action operation executed by the AJAM in September 2015, against illegal mineral activities in the Madre de Dios River, says a report by ABI.

As a result thereof, it was possible to identify a person involved in the illegal exploitation of alluvial gold, that did his washing of the ore through several dredges located along the riverbed, same ones that were also causing important environmental damage by the indiscriminate use of mercury, the report said.


Given the nature of strong vertical imposition of current president at the time of seeking votes and condoning activities like this, Bolivia has lost control over the enforcement of law, anarchy rules …

I just hope this ruling is enforced and we cease illegal minig activities across the country!