Bolivian government contradicts themselves?! … or is it part of their electoral show?

El Diario reports:

Observed contradictions in economic matters

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 9.24.16 AMEconomists believe that there is confusion because the finance minister is more optimistic than the president.

Economists noted contradictions between the statements of President of the State, Evo Morales, and Economy Minister Luis Arce, on the economic situation of Bolivia. For the industry sector, it is a way to show different ways of the reality.

Economist Marco Antonio del Rio, said the minister Arce has a very positive vision, contrary to what the head of state expressed. “It seems that there is confusion about what is happening. We see that the political line is to be optimistic, but we know that the boom is already over,” he said.

For Professor Edgar Bladimir Cornejo, is contradictory that on the one hand talk about economic growth and double Christmas bonus and now they ask us to tighten ourr belts. “Who understands them,” he adds.

While Mario Yaffar, president of the National Chamber of Industries, said the two officials expressed a reality, but differently. “President Morales tells the truth in a straightforward manner and we must prepare for a contraction.”

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