An update on the alleged Rózsa terrorism case: Ocampo’s revelations confirm the staging

El Dia reports:

According to lawyers Otto Ritter and Gary Prado

Ocampo’s revelations confirm the staging

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 8.33.35 AMRózsa case. Defenders of General. Gary Prado Salmon argue that the witness is based on the prosecutors’ libretto.

In an evaluation of the statements of My. Miguel Rolando Ocampo this week, the lawyers for Gral. Gary Prado Salmon coincide that with the revelations of prosecution witness, it is ratified the staging of the Rózsa case.

Lawyers Gary Prado Arauz and Otto Ritter Mendez, say that Ocampo’s revelations this week are the tangible proof that it was the same government that put together the case for political purposes. One example is the fact that the former captain and now major, Walter Andrade was a Government undercover agent in the irregular group of Eduardo Rózsa.

According to lawyers, in this case the figure of undercover cop is illegal, because under the law can only be applied in drug-related matters.

“He was one more of the Rózsa group,” said Prado Arauz referring to Andrade, who was even accused of being one of the authors to put the bomb at the house of Cardinal Julio Terrazas in 2009.

Close links with prosecutors. Prado and Ritter both argue that the close ties of the witness with prosecutors are also evident from the beginning of the investigation.

Prado said the purchase of the vehicle by Marcelo Soza Ocampo in 2010 shows that not only had trade approaches in the darkest time of the investigation. “It reinforces Soza’s fable in which 39 innocent people were accused,” Prado said.

While Ritter said today shows that there is a direct coordination between the commission of prosecutors with police Ocampo.

“Proof of this is the complaint of General Prado that the witness was seen boarding the vehicle of the Public Ministry, which shows that they share a script to respond according to their interests,” he added.

He rejoined. During the questioning of this week, Ocampo also confirmed that he had rejoined the police, but without an assigned “destination”. It is good to recall that the police are under supervision of the Ministry of Government, which acts as prosecutor in this process.

The oral trial hearings in the Rózsa case at the First Trial Court, led by Sixto Fernandez, will resume on August 10.

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