Illegal land take overs are the best example of this gov’s inability to govern!

El Diario reports:

120 raids of illegal groups

50 farms still enslaved

2014-10-02 08.32.17 amProperties affected, producers expressed their expectation for the return of legal certainty in agribusiness of Santa Cruz. The “grabbers” gave way to the commission of crimes as cattle theft, attempted murder and rape, besides economic damage as a result of criminal actions [estelionato comes from Portuguese language.

Fifty farms, from a total of 120 properties, continues tobe in the possession of invaders, who appropriated private property illegally, a situation which paralyzed machinery and the production in Cruceño regions for a decade.

The information was released by the Vice President of the Association of Producers of Premises overwhelmed (ASPA) based in Santa Cruz, Walter Ruiz, who expressed his expectation for the return of legal certainty in the agribusiness of the department.

Violent actions caused by overpowering of committing several crimes as cattle theft, attempted murder and rape, aside of economic damage currently substantiated in court.

Recall that in late December, the president of the Eastern Agricultural Chamber (CAO), Julio Roda, denouncing encroachments of land located in 70 provinces of Santa Cruz. The holder of the National Association of Wheat and Oil Producers (ANAPO), Demetrio Perez, stated that the concerned authorities handed lists to INRA, lawyers, and leaders of overpowering “loteadores” allegedly involved in the crime.

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