Catholic bishops condemns ruling political party’s instruction to direct vote: well done!!!

Reports Ruy D’Alencar for El Deber:


Bishops condemn the instructed/directed vote and the MAS attacks them

2014-09-28 09.00.58 amIn its second statement, the Catholic hierarchy calls for denouncing pressures during the suffrage. A spokesman from the MAS accused them of campaigning for Tuto and Samuel.

The hierarchy of the Catholic Church, through the secretary of the Bolivian Episcopal Conference (CEB), Eugenio Scarpellini made official a second communiqué, in less than two months, where the bishops condemn the conduct of the campaign, especially from the Movement towards Socialism (MAS), political force that was noted for using public funds to proselytize for the elections of October 12.

“It is not lawful and democratic than political parties, social organizations and leaderships seek to channel the slogan call for a direct/commanded vote. There is no valid argument to legitimize these actions, on the other hand, should be reported and resolved promptly through established bodies that overlook freedom of thought, free speech,” read Scarpellini after spokesmen and related organizations to the MAS announced controls to restrict its membership to do any crossover voting, since their motto is cover by the candidate and President Evo Morales and for his individually-elected deputies.

In recent days, the leader of the peasant organizations of Bolivia announced controls and sanctions to their bases to ensure the official vote. Congressman Luis Gallegos, MAS warned that in northern Potosí Ayllus resolved to whip those who do not follow the official slogan [direct] vote.


“Instead of camouflaging their opinions, they should say: vote for Tuto or vote for Samuel. If they are true followers of God, must be honest and not disguise their opinions; must declare: I am supporting the opposition parties of the right,” criticized the campaign manager of the MAS in Santa Cruz, said Saul Avalos to the bishops, at the time he was approached for the CEB statement.

Samuel Doria Medina, presidential candidate of Democratic Unity (UD), stepped out to say that the Catholic Church is credible and if it relates to the issue “is because there is a Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) not enforcing the law.” When asked about the position of the clergy, Wilfredo Ovando, vice president of the TSE, said: “We will act when there is any kind of coercion, only then will forward the case to the prosecutor.”

For MAS, “the Catholic hierarchy has no moral” to challenge in the elections because they are not elected in free elections among his parishioners. There were two releases of the cardinals and at least four homilies dedicated to observe irregularities Fernando Vargas 2014 campaign, the Green Party, said at play free elections.

The MAS is confused, how could they even attempt to question a religion versus a political party?! How stupid can they be to even say the parishioners do not elect their bishops?! It is a clear proof of the intolerance, egocentrism and cockiness of the MAS.

That is their preferred action, when in trouble, when they are questioned about THE BASICS of DEMOCRACY, they attack, they insult.

The vote represents the freedom, the liberty ALL humans have and anyone should vote or not, for whomever they please … Again, that is clear proof that the masistas are only using democratic instruments for their own manipulation. ENOUGH!!

Kudos and my deep respect to those bishops who dare not to be quiet, who outline this atrocity against democratic values!

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