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Bolivians should not surrender, we must put up a fight against the ruling coca grower!

Manfredo Kempff writes in El Deber:

Put up a fight any way you can

Manfredo KempffIf there are only three weeks to the general elections and surveys have been frozen with most irrefutable victory by the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS), it is best not to look at them-nor believe surveys and even fight biting. If after three polls Mori, another by Ipsos and one we do not remember, His Excellency [HE] still around 50%, and Samuel Doria Medina is no more than 15%, it is idle to pretend to embarrass the ruling. At this point we think that something can be done if Jorge Tuto Quiroga still adds his spear to Doria Medina.

Tuto rises in the polls, it is true, but his rise, though sacrificed, is late and is useless. Samuel, moreover, after two weeks of media bashing, incited by the MAS and even by the Christian Democratic Party, has remained static. Of the ‘no fear’ better not to talk. It was deafness, not ever want to hear that the dispersion lead to the worst of failures. And the three opposition candidates speak as of today of unity, but everyone wants to be the head. All this instead of thinking that the MAS has the upper hand and that if it were not so, there would be no elections in Bolivia. Because MAS never convened election to lose power. It will destroy the State Constitution before doing so.

Had not HE said that publicly? What to do then? Save some belongings from the fire. Release from the fire what is of greater value so that loss is not total. We must fiercely protect what we can to get back on the burning building. In plain language: the opposition requires parliamentarians, governors and mayors, if not, it is destined to disappear. Precisely soon will arrive elections for governors and municipals. Which will come after the following month that HE starts his crooked third period, ie, in the euphoria of the ‘bartolinas’, ‘red ponchos’, ‘satucos’, ‘juqueadores’ [robbers], coca growers, smugglers, cooperatives and land thieves. And Tuto trying to take votes away from Samuel? Sticking elbowing between the two?

As ever, Bolivia has never been so indifferent in presidential elections. More than indifference is fear to HE. I do not remember, for example, Santa Cruz being more submissive and resigned as is today. It entertains the powers that be, they are flattering, and are not claiming anything. Not even against dictatorships trembled as much as today. With blows, beatings, deceit or offenses, the MAS has imposed, and as mentioned in a previous note, it will mean the loss of democracy and the country.