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Current president does not hold it together…

Humberto Vacaflor describes what is going on under the electoral campaign, he writes in El Diario:

Campaign Errors

Humberto VacaflorTo arrest Mario Orellana was clumsy by the MAS. Worse still, it was a mistake on the [election] campaign.

Moreover, it was a demonstration of lack of coordination in the bowels of the political instrument of liberation.

The recording he gave to the media, with the admission that the president ordered to spend about $100 million in the G-77 as part of his campaign would be stopped when the media would receive it. And we knew all of that.

If you have control over all broadcast media, why do you make a problem with that recording? And why arrest the one that leaked it? Please! Do me a favor.

It is well known that the Superintendency of Communication, which is above the relevant ministry, is handling all these things. And is known to have some surprises for the third term in office of the leader. New acquisitions.

In the end, people do not know why Orellana was imprisoned. Nobody knew, thanks to the vacuum caused by the censorship, of the things that the president actually said to his followers on the G-77 and the innate masochism of Bolivian women.

The pace of the campaign must be very intense in the intestines of the instrument. There are other indications.

Hector Arce Zaconeta, State Attorney and other things, reported that after his brilliant doings, it was achieved a 30% lower demand for compensation raised by the Pan American Energy (PAE) for their shares in YPFB Chaco.

The company had asked $1,493 million and within days it was reported from Buenos Aires, in the daily Clarín, to the surprise of those who heard the announcement of the prosecutor, that Bolivia had made ​​the decision to pay $1,046 million dollars.

Perhaps it was an oversight by Arce Zaconeta, or confusion. He believed that the agreed amount would be only 30% of the original, the truth is that the reduction was 30%. “Exactly” backwards. The calculator attorney must be in trouble. Maybe some virus.

And there is another clue. The leader ensures that he will have two-thirds of the vote, but his operators threaten to punish with lashes to those who dare vote for another candidate or go crossover voting.

This detail reveals that intimate surveys having the government does not look anything like they do order and do authorize that they be disseminated.

Failures of Internet services are also revealing.



In sum, Humberto Vacaflor describes what an ochlocracy is all about, when demagogue captures all powers of the state and had money  as never seen before… we need to stop this, for the sake and survival of our believed country, no more!!