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UN human rights commission cannot work in Bolivia

Correo del Sur reports:


Unions deny passage to a UN commission

2014-09-15 09.25.28 amA human rights commission of the United Nations (UN) High Commissioner was prevented yesterday [09/09/2014] to enter the territory of the Nation Qhara Qhara Suyu by a group of affiliated unions in the site, yesterday reported the highest curaca of indigenous people, Pablo Zeballos. [the highest curaca chosen is powerless against “unions”?! … only under the masismo government that could have been possible, the ochlocracy has outdone itself, again!]

According to the indigenous authority, the committee’s mission was to verify “rights violations” of the Qhara Qhara nation in Quila Quila, 8th rural district located in the municipality of Sucre, but could not because the unions did block the delegation.

“Until Quila Quila, up to the village we entered, from there we returned. Unions stopped the pass. Unions have gathered there (…) They have not let us in, then we have returned. They do not want us to go inside,” complained Zeballos.

According to the indigenous authority, the delegation was threatened with being assaulted, so they had to abandon their mission.

The Qhara Qhara Nation complaint that a work that was funded by the Mayor was paralyzed by union pressure, from the affiliates of the Single Federation of Indigenous Peoples of Chuquisaca (FUTPOCH).

It also ensures that another work, funded by the Ministry of Environment, was paralyzed due to the same reasons.

The Qhara Qhara Nation is one of the indigenous peoples who have representation on the Departmental Assembly if the constitutional autonomy statute statement is complied with. The FUTPOCH and its affiliates are opposed.


2014-09-15 09.45.30 amThis situation along with some “unions” which are nothing but the muscle of the party in power, are restraining liberties of the population.

El Diario cartoon, September 15, 2014, portrays the orders given to the people, to vote for the ruling ochlocracy, whether they like it or not…

A crook says: “do you understand? … here it says… if you don’t vote for the one I tell you, you will be ‘whipped’!”