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What happened with the satellite that the masistas bought SO damn expensive?

While Bolivia has been, for the last nine years, under an unprecedented economic boom, we have suffered the worst possible government. Leaded by a coca grower leader who obeys/takes care of the illegal coca crop growers of the Chapare. There has been wastefulness of around $120 BILLION dollars and this is a tiny $300 million dollar question: where the hell is the satellite that even with weeping crocodile tears, is NO where to be found or used… what happened????

satelite La Prensa 30 Jan 12This cartoon is from La Prensa, January 30, 2012:

A group is hailing the satellite, in an ambience full of cheap esoterism…

This cartoon is from the early days, when public opinion was questioning why the expensive cost when there was other technology available, why there was no public-transparent bidding?

2014-09-16 09.15.00 amNow, this cartoon is from El Diario, September 16, 2014:

Woman: “.. is useless! .. the satellite does not work!”

Man: “how is it going to work if it is the moon..!”

In Spanish we use the moon comparison, is like saying: to have one’s head in the clouds.

So… $300 million after and the lies and cheap demagogue of current ochlocracy needs to stop, enough of this nonsense, lets vote the masistas out in the upcoming elections!