Andean bean [haba] is seeking markets!

Ernesto Estremadoiro reports for El Dia:

Business conference attracts entrepreneurs from the West

Seeking markets for derivatives of the Andean bean [haba]

2014-09-29 09.08.03 amBusiness conference. Producers of Totora Pampa (Potosí) exported to Argentina and hope to reach agreements with Europa.

Teodocia Benavidez is one of the producers of beans [haba] and maize from the community of Totora Pampa, Yocalla municipality located in the department of Potosí. The woman for four years directed the destinies of the Community Economic Organization of the region, which has 60 members. In its short life, the company has managed to distribute nutritional products based on bean and corn for school breakfast for Puno, Yocalla, Llajllagua and municipalities. It also distributes fried beans in the department of Cochabamba.

Now the goal of this small organization is beyond national borders. The first step has already occurred with the sale of 1,500 kilos of bean to Argentina.

Benavidez, along with two other people in the community, were participating for the first time in the Business conferences/meetings of Santa Cruz, its goal is to achieve sales of 10 containers of beans.

They dream of Europe. Rafael Velasquez, technical advisor of the organization, said that currently produce cream soups beans, plus corn-based nutritional supplements.

For three years already, they even have the sanitary registration from SENASAG and their respective NIT.

“We’re going to make contact to sell to other countries, we have relationships with Europe, especially France,” he said.

On the other hand, the firm has made contacts to purchase equipment for the manufacture of its products.

“We seek to reduce our workforce and maximize production,” Velasquez said.

The meetings brings together 1,090 companies along with producers. With another 1,089 companies from 19 other countries, began yesterday at the International Business Conference, organized by the Chamber of Industry, Commerce, Services and Tourism of Santa Cruz [CAINCO].

This event expects to move more than $201 million in business intentions.

About 60% of the participating firms are national and 55 sectors are counted.


Chilean SMEs seeking trade agreements with Bolivian firms

Relationship. This year 47 Chilean firms, of which 90% are small and medium enterprises (SMEs) were looking to make contact with Bolivian companies, linked to construction and agribusiness.

Ignacio Fernández, deputy director of Pro Chile, noted that trade between Bolivia and their country grew 68% and now more than 2,000 products of Chilean origin reach the Bolivian market.

“When we set out to come to Bolivia, companies were organized very quickly, because this country is very important for us due to market close business relationship,” Fernandez said.

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