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2014 World Food Program response to Bolivia floods

This report was issued 09/02/2014:

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Bolivia Floods Bulletin N° 14, 2 September 2014

Highlights of the emergency

2014-09-16 09.55.33 amThe third and last food distribution within the Emergency Operation (EMOP) 200625 will come to an end during the second week of September. However, EMOP will go until the end of October.

WFP will assess the possibility of a Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation (PRRO) after analysing the results of the Emergency Food Security Assessment (EFSA), whose results are to be delivered soon, and after exploring donors interest.


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  • √  With food distributions about to conclude, WFP prepares the reconciliation of documentation in each one of the assisted municipalities. WFP also follows up with local and communal authorities on the food for work activities undertaken to rehabilitate livelihoods.
  • √  Only a few number of staff members will stay during September in the field offices. Their main work will be to file and close field operations.
  • √  WFP office in Cochabamba and the suboffice in Rurrenabaque, Beni, already closed operations by the end of August. Both finished food distributions in its intervention areas. The suboffices in Trinidad and Riberalta will close by the end of September.


  • √ Due to the weak logistic capacities for food transportation in the department of Beni, the third and last food distribution will go until mid September. Suboffices in Pando, Riberalta, Rurrenabaque and Cochabamba finalised food distributions in the last week of August, as initially programmed.
  • √ A portable warehouse was purchased to support future emergencies in the country. The item will be donated to the ViceMinister of Civil Defence (VIDECI).
  • √ WFP has continued to strengthen the logistics cluster with the elaboration of guidelines. A new one for custom procedures in emergency contexts is under preparation.

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