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Bolivia needs results/support to producers, not cheap demagogue!

Pagina Siete reports:


Camelid producers have no market

2014-09-18 09.56.11 amCamelid producers of La Paz department say that they lack market for marketing their products, so they prefer to take them to Peru.

“We as camelid producers do not have a market. In the Province Franz Tamayo, near the border with Peru, the brothers take the fiber and meat to that country. Most do not do that due to large distances,” the President of the Association of Camelids Producers of La Paz, Romulo Quispe.

The leader raised concerns in the forum “La Paz Moves Toward Development”, held yesterday [09/17/2014] at the Federation of Private Enterprises [CEPB].

He also informed that require solving other problems such as lack of pastures, breeding, water access and improved infrastructure. “The pound of color alpaca fiber was worth Bs12 and white Bs18. That does not sustain us,” he said.


While the ochlocracy government pushes for their illegitimate re-re-election, producers like the ones above, present serious flaws in their ability to earn licit income. Bolivia needs a decent, professional government officials who can design appropriate public policies to support the private sector, which are those herders as well as the entrepreneurs at the CEPB. They are all private sector and demand a competent government!