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Encroachment is threatening one million hectares

Ernesto Estremadoiro reports for El Dia:

Deforest protected area of the Rio Grande

Encroachment is threatening 1 million hectares

2014-09-11 11.48.50 amReport. The CAO accused the Deputy Mayor of Hardenman, of leading the wreckage. There is alert in the productive sector.

The Eastern Agricultural Chamber (CAO) yesterday denounced the deforestation of a protected area in the town of Limoncito, a distance of over 100 kilometers of Santa Cruz, by a group of land area encroachers.

Worryingly, as explained by Julio Roda, president of the CAO, the affected area is part of the defensive network of the Rio Grande to protect a million hectares of the productive northern region of the department [Santa Cruz].

They tried to take a property. Roda, said that this incident took place last week, also said that these people tried to take a property in the area.

However, they managed to make a report to the authorities.

“It was an intrusion of a protected area, between two defensive [gabions] of Rio Grande and a cushion to protect a million hectares in the north,” said Roda

The producer added that “deforesting that area is a crime, because if it is encroached” the cords [gabions] of protection will be left exposed, in the “Rio Grande” and water will enter crop land.

Also the head of the CAO, accused Deputy Mayor of Hardenman of leading the damage in this area.

Furthermore, the producer explained that to date, there has not been implemented seven eviction orders.

It is not the first time. Luis Aguilera, director of the Service Adjustment Water Channelling River Pirai (Searpi), said he was unaware of the complaint made by Roda. However, he explained that it is not the first time that “unscrupulous people” intends to push and deforest land in protected areas of the Rio Grande basin.

“Before we had settled in the area of La Pistola y la Alondra, on the grounds of Girusa and Alondra” said Aguilera.