Under current gov, there are still many unresolved corruption cases!

El Diario reports:

12 unsolved cases obscure transparency

• YPFB, BoA, satellite and cable cars and other like buying Chinese barges and robbery to the BCB [Central Bank] hit the credibility of the Bolivian justice.

• There are also reports that so far do not have enough evidence to start processes.

2014-09-03 09.26.37 amTwelve cases with evidence of corruption related to public management were still unsolved, despite it was proven the mobilization of thousands and millions of resources from the state treasury.

According the opinion of many economists, are not pending only the alleged scandal acts in the proven corruption case of the president of YPFB, Santos Ramirez, but others such as the purchase of Chinese barges, BoA, stealing money from the BCB and administration of the Bolivian shipping company.

2014-09-03 09.27.28 amAre also challenged other topics related to influence peddling and no-bid contracts that favored relatives of Vice-President Alvaro Garcia.

According to this authority, all these complaints would be the product of a dirty political war; further that the accusers also did not opened legal proceedings to prove the truth or falsity of those facts.

“As the country’s revenue has increased 10 times as a result of international costs that favor the sale of gas to other countries, just as the facts of corruption have multiplied more than 10 times in the current year, given the way in which acquisitions are conducted by service companies,” says the analyst, Humberto Vacaflor Ganam, referring to procurement by international tender without exception; such cases were of Tupac Katari satellite, buying a Urea plant for installation in Bulo Bulo in the Chapare area and hiring a company to operate the proposed cable car system La Paz-El Alto, among others.


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