Young hearing impaired designed robot: Ericka Calle Veliz

ANF reports in El Deber:


Young hearing impaired designed robot

2014-09-02 10.10.03 amEricka Calle Veliz is a 16 year old with hearing disability who has designed a robot that moves on the basis of a light pattern. The project was developed at the technical center of Fe y Alegría (CIFA) of Cochabamba.

2014-09-02 10.08.54 amThe young scientist chose the Electronics and technical career path within the school. As she says, chose this path because she can turn her creativity in designing this technology; having seen in automation and robotics a very attractive field. Last year, she designed a robot which she called Wally, that was guided by the light of a flashlight.

“The automation and robotics is a very attractive field, my final year project will be the production of a mechanical arm that has the function of making different drawings,” says Ericka Calle.

In her free time, she does researching on the subject of electronics on the internet, browsing web pages that enable her to perform exercises and problems of mathematics and physics, two of the areas most passionate for her. [this is a clear example that is the individual who decides what path to take and how to achieve it, regardless of political obtrusiveness]

The attention and understanding of the explanations of teachers does not complicate her learning, since Ericka learned “lip-reading”, and when she does not understand any of the content, approaches the teacher for most sought enlightenment. [many of us are afraid to ask, she proves us wrong!]

Once she completes her double high school degree (humanistic and technical), offered in some schools of Fe y Alegría, Ericka wishes to study at the Military Electromechanical Engineering School (EMI).

Kudos to her will and determination!

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