Unfortunate and despicable pollution on Pilcomayo river

El Dia reports:

Government Report Potosi

30 thousand cubic meters of waste in the Pilcomayo

Pollution. Within 10 years, people will begin to feel the effects on their nervous and respiratory system.

2014-07-17 08.42.43 amThe governor of the department of Potosi, Felix Gonzales revealed that 30 thousand cubic meters of mine waste were dumped in the waters of the basin of the Pilcomayo River, due to the siphoning of tailings from the mining company Apostle Santiago.

“Over 30 thousand cubic meters have been dumped into the river (…) This has a very serious multiplier effect (…) They are more than nine affected communities,” said the departmental authority.

Effects in 10 years. The head of the Epidemiology Department of Health Services (Headquarters), César Caihuara, recalled that the Pilcomayo had found excess of chromium, iron, sodium and manganese. For this last item, the official explained that within 5 to 10 years, it can damage the nervous and respiratory systems of people exposed to this contamination.

Last week it was revealed that the mining company, located in the town of Tacobamba, Potosi, had registered problems and spilled tailings and waste. Pollution caused that Paraguay’s Foreign Ministry and an Argentine congressman asked for reports on the damage to the Pilcomayo, which also run through their territory.

Analyze prosecution. Governor Esteban Urquizu said he was considering, through the legal department, the complaint against the mining company Santiago Apostol, to be presented in court, since it would be the first criminal prosecution for the crime of environmental damage associated with that basin shared between the departments of Chuquisaca, Potosí and Tarija.


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