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Bolivian cruceno won the karate gold medal: Mohamed Dames

Victor Hugo Lera reports for El Dia:

South american Karate

Dames managed to win the only gold for Bolivia

Superior. The cruceño won the kumite test to Brazilian Guilherme Salgado.

2014-07-01 02.19.51 pmThe Santa Cruz born Mohamed Dames won the gold medal in the fourteenth version of the South American Karate Championship Under-21, which took place in Sucre. The international contest was organized by the Bolivian Federation of that discipline that was won by Brazil.

The protagonist. Dames won the award in the category Kumite 14-15 Years (+ 70 kg), after defeating Brazilian Guilherme Salgado. “Content with this medal, this shows that we are not far, but we have to keep working,” he said.

Also highlighted. There were three athletes who came close to winning the gold. They were David Beriel, in the form of Kata (14-15), along with José Durán (Kumite, 12-13) and Silvestre Rodas (Kumite 14-15). While Alejandro Maldonado, Elizabeth Zelada, Juliana Suarez, Nicole Nieto, Andry Ramirez, David Beriel, Jared Flores, Nicolas Cuellar, Marco Velasquez, Dumas Monasterio and as a team (Senior Kata) achieved bronze.