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Bolivian artist: Bernardo Siles’s recent paintings

From the Washington Post, an except that mentions a gifted Bolivian, follows:

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Galleries: ‘The Art of Comic Books,’ ‘Wait,’ ‘Vivid’


2014-07-05 10.13.36 amCleanly rendered lengths of mostly pastel color overlap, sometimes densely and occasionally not at all, in Bernardo Siles’s recent paintings. The Bolivian-born D.C. artist draws on the harder-edged Washington Color School painters, as well as other geometrically inclined colorists, in his show at Gallery Plan B. The selection also includes a few minimalist paintings on small squares of wood or Masonite, as well as deftly shaded colored-pencil drawings that prove Siles is not entirely averse to curves. But most of the show is devoted to large canvases in which stripes of complementary hues dance on white fields.

Bernardo Siles La Prensa 12 Feb 12Those fields have become more important to the artist’s compositions. The most surprising picture here is “2010.11.01,” whose green and blue bars don’t touch at all; they float apart like stars in an expanding universe. Siles names his paintings after the date he conceived them, not executed them, so the idea for this painting precedes his 2012 Plan B show. Yet the painting seems a significant evolution from his earlier style. Where this selection still includes pieces that evoke such simple clusters as blades of glass or a bundle of sticks, “2010.11.01” has an intergalactic reach. [Bernardo Siles’ picture is from La Prensa newspaper, 02/12/2012]

Bernardo Siles On view through June 8 at Gallery Plan B, 1530 14th St. NW; 202-234-2711; http://www.galleryplanb.com