Daily Archives: July 4, 2014

Bolivian gov recognizes it is hard to stop mining encroachments…

ANF reports in El Deber:

See problems to stop the occupations of mines

2014-03-31 09.50.09 amDeputy Minister of Mining Policy, Eugenio Mendoza, acknowledged yesterday that the decree that is being developed to curb the encroachment of mines will not solve the problem in its entirety, but said that the Jurisdictional Mining (AJAM) Authority shall manage and reverse the illegal taking of mineral deposits. [this cartoon reflects what the “new” mining law aims at… polluting without any mitigation, remediation plans. Illegal takeovers happen on legal concessions and after that, a coop is “formed” and as most of them support the coca-growers’ political party in power, they do as they please, from El Dia 03/31/2014]]

Mendoza said the project for the decree is in draft form and is intended to fight upfront on the encroachments and illegal mining, which is until now “almost routine”.

“It’s hard to say 100%, but will mitigate and hope that there is a lot of concern for this type of activity,” said ANF.


A word comes to mind: ochlocracy. This government does not know how to rule, how to govern… they are on a perpetual “learning cycle” as current president likes to say for the last nine years of unparalleled “learning”…