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Do you know how to prevent chikungunya, the new disease that threatens Santa Cruz?

El Deber reports:

Do you know how to prevent chikungunya, the new disease that threatens Santa Cruz?

2014-07-08 09.27.13 amThe emergence of chikungunya virus in Latin America and the deaths in Paraguay and Peru, have set the alarms in the country. From the Department of Health Services Santa Cruz (Headquarters) have announced preventive campaigns to avoid it. In the country,it  has not yet been confirmed nor reported suspected cases.

What is chikungunya fever?

The head of the Epidemiology at Sedes, Roberto Torres, has indicated that it is a viral disease spread by the bite of infected mosquitoes and frequently causes severe joint pain.

“The virus propagates by the aedes aegypti mosquito, which transmits dengue vector also, a similar disease, but has a more dangerous hemorrhagic form. Dengue virus is more deadly, the lethality of chikungunya is less,” said Torres.

Symptoms of chikungunya

This disease causes high fever and severe pain in the joints, said the director of Epidemiology. He added that at present there is no treatment and the only way to prevent it is to completely avoid mosquito bites.

“At the beginning, the symptoms are similar to dengue, begins with a high fever, but is characterized by inflammation of the small joints in the ankles and wrists. Besides this disease causes red spots on the skin,” he said.

How to prevent chikungunya?

At present, there is no treatment for chikungunya flu in that sense the public is advised to redouble efforts in their homes to eliminate mosquito breeding sites.

“Now people have to fight the mosquito Aedes aegypti for two reasons: to fight dengue and chikungunya fever. More than ever, people should clean their yards or gardens to eliminate mosquito vector breeding sites”, recommended the health authority.

In Santa no cases of chikungunya

In Bolivia and Santa Cruz, cases have not yet been confirmed nor reported suspected cases of chikungunya fever, so Roberto Torres said. However, he has indicated that the system of virological surveillance through the National Center for Tropical Diseases (CENETROP) has instructed to make immediate patient samples showing symptoms of fever with joint pains.