Songs in Guaraní are the jewel of the Baroque Music Festival, Bolivia waits for you!!

Rolando Aparicio reports for El Deber:

Songs in Guaraní are the jewel of the Baroque Music Festival

2014-02-04 08.07.01 amThe event has established itself as unique on the planet. In its tenth edition, will present new works, blockbuster movies and guests. It will open the route of ancient clavichords and a child tent.

New spectacles in which interpreted songs in Guarani and a jewel that can be considered a “Bolivian Mozart” will mark the program of the X International Festival of Renaissance Music and Baroque American Missions of Chiquitos 2014, from April 24 to May 4.

The first installment will be a world premiere in charge of the union of the choir and Palmarito-Santa Rosa (from the Chaco), Orchestra Arakaendar and Guarani choir with soloists from the Royal Academy of Music in London and the Nordicbrass of Norway, which will perform a repertoire of the first music that arrived in Bolivia with priest Arze, which brought Paraguayan musicians at the beginning of the Jesuit mission.

The artistic director of the Bolivian festival, the musicologist and priest Piotr Nawrot, anticipates that will be the largest production of the Repertoire of missionary archive, the tenth festival, and one of the largest in the history of the event.

“There are in Guarani, songs which mean a “first” that very few festivals can have, perhaps none, music that can be given in terms of original historical documents.” It is an effort of enormous production that I am grateful to the support of Total,” said the Catholic priest.

The French oil company [Total] will enable the stay of more than 70 British, Norwegian, and national artists and transfers of production to scenarios of the Chaco and peoples mission, where the performances will be repeated. Nawrot highlighted that Total, having the Bolivian Chaco as a geographic area of work, encourage the study and dissemination of the Guarani culture, from research of Nawrot to trips of the English director Ashley Solomon, who came several times to the country to prepare for what the public will see as a result of 12 months of rehearsals.

Cathedral directory

Another novelty will be the premiere of the Missa, post Baroque music of Sucre and Potosí rescued from the national archives and library of Bolivia, dating from around 1780. “This is like a brand new Bolivian Mozart. It is music of that time and it is an honor to have these works”, says Piotr.

The third release of the Santa Cruz festival includes works recovered by Ana Luisa Arce, dating from 1700-1720. “It’s music for the feast of Corpus Christi in Sucre, which will be performed by renowned international musicians,” he continues.

The fourth new installment of this festival will be the premiere of works of the file of the cloister of nuns of Cochabamba, so far never executed.

Follow the surprises

Far from complete there, father Piotr cannot contain emotion to explain all the points where this version of the festival is growing in comparison to their predecessors. Some advances are the implementation of four new venues: Yacuiba and Camiri (which makes entering the Chaco at this festival), Chochis (as a new stage in the Chiquitania) and Jesús Nazareno Church in the Santa Cruz capital.

Ten years, a milestone

To Piotr Nawrot, the festival promises to be “a luxury that few places in the world can be”. The scholar of the Ñuflo de Chávez and Moxos files is declared “with a huge happiness” because the festival reaches its tenth edition. “They are 18 years of work as an institution and more than 23 personally. Now we have a festival that invites the most prestigious musicians from four continents”.


For the kids

An important festival is the Baroque tent, located in the Santa Cruz capital, which will have daily activities for children. Inspired by the tent theatre festival, will be dedicated to children with theatrical and musical activities every day of the festival.

The route of the clavichord

Another innovation will be the route to follow especially the concertos for organ, at four venues where there are original instruments, pipe organs: Santa Cruz, San José, Santiago and Santa Ana.

Largest area of action

First a festival will encompass all Chiquitania, by what can be done along the route to San Ignacio and the new path to San Jose.

Major festival

21 venues, 130 concerts, 24 countries and 89 ensembles. They will be Andrieu and Aymes, Kiehr, other great directors

It is going well, but it is still missing

Nawrot: “the hardest thing is the transportation. Less than three months going well in the Organization, still need money and we are still looking for funding.”

For those of you unaware of this event and the scenery… try to watch the movie The Mission with Robert De Niro.

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