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Do Bolivians take enough vacation?

This is an interesting information, made known to me by my lovely daughter.

From Creative Solutions for Living Well + Doing Good:


Infographic: Vacation Time Around the World

2014-02-06 11.01.10 am

“To be human is to need a break from time to time. Yet, the amount of time we get to spend away from work varies widely from nation to nation–as do attitudes toward taking a vacation. As you might expect, Europe leads the way with mandatory days off while the US lags behind–it’s the only industrialized nation without a statutory minimum for paid time off. But the data also has some interesting surprises.”


Now, lets see better what is of our interest:

2014-02-06 10.40.14 am

Bolivia has 37 vacation days, right next to Austria, Poland, United Kingdom, France, Sweden.

That sounds good in terms of time you can spend with your family, maybe do some tourism, sports, etc.

However, if you add number of days under strikes, blockades as a result of turmoil, Bolivian economy, productivity and competitiveness ends up paying the price.

A price that a poor country like ours, may not be able to afford over the long run.

I just hope my daughters take some vacation and visit us soon!