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Bolivia needs to react before it is too late!

Humberto Vacaflor writes for El Diario:

To put the batteries

Humberto VacaflorNot of lithium, yet, because the project is very delayed, but the Government must put the batteries now, at this time.

Until now it had enjoyed an economic situation generated by external factors or criminal activities.

It did nothing to make the price of gas and export minerals grow as they did, up to twelve times.

The international market had occupied, as well as it had given suffocation prices to previous Governments, now gives the current Government jackpot prices.

After watching for a few months with amazement, and with some mistrust, some prices increased, the Government recognized that it could benefit from it, saying that everything is the work [result] of this administration.

Some felt a certain shame but ultimately accepted that the merits of the boom caused by Chinese demand for raw materials could be attributed.

That stock market phenomenon in the Antipodes has become the best – and only – success of the Government of President Evo Morales.

Posts by appropriation of the merits were accepted by some sectors of the masismo who do not understand what are the stock market games and quotes.

But as it is always the case, that makes them pay for them. Now it is time that the trend is reversing.

At least that’s what says the World Bank. The producers of raw materials now face the second consecutive year of declines in prices.

The report released on Thursday says exactly this: energy, agriculture, metals and fertilizer prices will be in 2014, its second consecutive year of declines.

The oil price will be lower, on average, 1% with respect to last year, but natural gas will rise for the fourth consecutive year in the United States due to the demand of industries intensive in the use of energy that are moving to North America.

Agricultural prices will fall this year 2.5%, after 7.5% last year have collapsed. The grains will have this year the biggest decline, of 10%, the report says.

China had been responsible for the increase in the price of metals, which was consuming 40% of all production, but is now expected to decline.

The fertilizer had the most sudden drop of 17% last year, and this year could repeat the feat.

How the economy is handled when prices fall? The Government does not have the faintest idea.



To make things worse, it is an electoral year and current ruling ochlocracy is going to spend huge quantities of our tax revenues! Just to push for an illegitimate re-re-election of the coca grower leader who does not want to abandon power, like his masters do in Cuba and Venezuela… sad… really disappointing reality of our beloved Bolivia.