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Bolivian populism and imperial policies

Eric Cardenas writes in El Diario:

Populism and imperial policies

Eric CardenasThe Greeks of ancient Hellas were the creators and promoters of almost all sciences and arts, among them the policy; and of course, the Romans who built one of the most large empires of history, who were extraordinary practical with a powerful appliance, professional military in tactics and strategy, and the law as a means of social management, in addition, other measures, conquered much of the world known at that time.

To rule over the crowd, they patented the phrase “panis et circus”, i.e. that the people must be given bread and circus, feeding and distracting to be happy. So they built the Roman circuses, where the shows of different order made the village to rave, with carts pulled by horses races, gladiatorial combat with beasts, or between them, etc., until they reach a more cruel show, as it was to give Christians to beasts, to be devoured.

This policy of “bread and circuses” for the people is precisely one of the features of the populist regimes, seeking no plans or programs from the Government to give content to the social groups and fun to people, no matter the cost, what is important is the result, which is none other than to distract it with “shows” and a multi-million-dollar propaganda.

The system of Government of the MAS, annually spend millions of dollars on subsidizing flour and gasoline, the first to give bread with reduced price and the second transport and other energy with subsidized price demands, so that the people are happy, when in truth to pay the cost of subsidies is from the same people as resources are public, but the populist get the effect, i.e. happy people.

As for the circus, this has other dimensions, as it is the “nerve” of government policies and to this end has an entire apparatus and resources that make it possible. In recent times we have been “bombarded” with the official propaganda in the media, especially television, about the cable car which is installed in the city of La Paz, which, despite its high cost, will only cover 6% of transport demand, especially for the people who moved from El Alto to the seat of Government. The china-made satellite, as understood by experts, will have little return on the considerable investment and cater to a reduced demand for service, because people who communicates with the outside is reduced, because we should not forget that according to the last population census, Bolivians are in stalemate for more than 10 years on population growth.

The Dakar was another circus policy, as with the argument to make known to the country in the world, invested millions of dollars, which in 48 hours, passed through our territory, 100 competitors in motorcycles and quads, who surely with three assistants each came to 400 people who came from abroad, and more about a hundred journalists, the money they left was, per experts said, was reduced, more was the internal displacement of people in Potosi and other departments who went to see the swift passage of competitors.

But some government officials spoke of millionaires resources that the tourists would have left. We let other ‘shows’ to the memory of the gentle reader.

Other policies of the Roman Empire was “Dividere et imperare”, i.e. divide, reign and rule, which is implemented by the Government of the MAS, that has divided and intervened in almost all social organizations, all character and activity that might be uncomfortable for their opinions or activities that are not adjusted to those of the scheme. In particular the indigenous and peasant organizations have been divided and intervened, because there are some individuals that by personal, political group or Prebend interests, lend themselves to divide institutions, weakening them and put them at the service of the interests of the political power. Thus Conamaq and lowland indigenous organizations have been divided, the Highlands and the cities, and up to the La Paz Fejuve has a group that responds to the Government.

This policy of divide and confront the organized citizenry is contrary to the democratic approach that seeks social peace with respect for all opinions, so are critical or contrary to the policies of the current administrators of the estate. The last division and intervention was the organization that defends human rights (APDHB) of the city of La Paz, to nullify any claim or protest by the abuses of political power to human rights. The policy of silencing all is from the authoritarians, never of the Democrats.