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What happened with the Bolivian FISCAL PACT?!

Carlos Valverde writes in El Deber:

Excuses there are

Carlos ValverdeIndeed , the Government has taken on the task of making excuses for not starting a process of rapprochement with departments, municipalities and universities to agree on the methodology for implementing the fiscal pact. First, Don Alvaro [current VP] came to say that the fiscal pact divided regions and it was dangerous to generate confrontation between them; civic and officials of the Government of Santa Cruz came forward with proposals in hand and presented four different options for a fiscal pact and demonstrated, without equivocation, that the fiscal pact is an equation in which all autonomous entities wins and the government is the one to give only part of the collection of internal revenue income (increasing percentages for partnership and share the revenues with the governorates).

The loose vicepresidential’s argument was changed to the newest refrain of that INE had not delivered the final results of the census and that, consequently, could not establish participation coefficients. Of course, the barrage of official government documents about the census results was immediate, it was clear that the results that the INE gave on July 30th and the Government endorsed on the 31st, and at the same time, it was decreed valid for the purposes of “distribution and allocation of resources from taxation and other taxes” , also surrendering an annex to the number of inhabitants and the distribution factor was established. To elaborate more, the TSE’s ‘vp’ confirmed to “Sin letra chica” [No fine print] that state power is working with definitive data.

Again the excuse lies in the ground and the third is: a very original way, Carlos Romero was dispatched with the argument that the departmental statutes were not concluded or in force and there could be no deal without them, regardless to say that the statutes are not provided in the law, to allocate resources, but to establish forms of government and organization. The problem with making up excuses is that we must have a good memory to not run over the other, it seems that this has been the problem for the government. However, they are stubborn, they will soon invent another outrage.


What drives current ochlocracy is the ambition to remain in power, to have absolute control, to create a dynasty, of the coca, of the illegality. No wonder, they press so much for the illegitimate re-re-election for their caudillo.