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Bolivia carnival 2014, what to do and how to have fun!

For the Santa Cruz tourist or anyone interested, Saul Montaño reports for El Deber:

Carnival tourism ‘made in’ Bolivia

Oruro and Tarija are the major destinations for the holidays. Vallegrande make a difference with their celebrations. Here the options and their characteristics:

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Carnival may be a good reason to visit the country, to travel and appreciate colorful celebrations, music and customs. Here are some options that stand, because every year opt for carnival tourism.

By tradition, what captures the interest is the Carnival of Oruro, with the figure increasing in projection is the  ‘churo’ [cool in Tarija slang] Carnival in Tarija. And in Santa Cruz, Vallegrande offers seductive traditional celebrations .


The activities kick off on Friday [2/28/14] evening. Bands featured in the plaza serenading La Virgen del Socavon [Virgin of the underground pit]. On Saturday 1st , thousands of dancers, dressed in lavish costumes dance to the rhythm of traditional dances for over 40 blocks in the pilgrimage to the Virgin. Sunday is the entrance of the corso and the farewell dancing in front of the Virgin, which takes place on Monday.

To witness these great attractions, travel agencies offer packages that include transportation (optional), food, lodging and numbered seat at a platform where you can comfortably enjoy the morenada, diablada, kullaguada, caporales and llameros, among others. According to the packages, prices vary between Bs2,800 and Bs990 per person.

Two agencies that may require further information are YAT: 321-8254 and Anavin Travel: 335-2009 [These are Santa Cruz, land line, local phones; to call from outside Bolivia, dial first 591-3 and the number].

Carnival churo Tarija

One of the most important holidays in the south is celebrated in this picturesque city where people take to the streets to celebrate with traditional indigenous music festivals, including the chapaco corso. Packets contain tours around the city, like Tomatitas and San Lorenzo (Moto Mendez House).

Prices range from Bs1,500 to Bs1,300. Airfare not included.

A party in Vallegrande

If the preference is for ‘fun’ of yesteryear in which includes, for example typical drinks, band, ensembles, waiting houses, and the warmth of the people, Vallegrande is ideal. The celebrations will continue until March 5, the day that they ‘bury’ the more drunk in the square. Options for travel offer some extras like from the groups [comparsas]: the Adulau and Vanidoso. The prices Bs800 Cell phone 704-86033 (Vanidosos) and Adulau (773-94909). [To call from outside Bolivia just dial country code first: 591 and the numbers.]

To choose from

Your carnival options in detail

1 Oruro. Contemplated hosting packages (hotels and residential), food,  roofed seats with bathroom. Full day and Estudiantil packages offered, four days and three nights, and Traditional three days and two nights.

2 Tarija. From March 1 to 3. Lodging, numbered seats at a stand to enjoy chapaco corso, carnival kit, souvenirs. Visits: City tour, Tomatitas, San Lorenzo, Casa Vieja. San Jacinto and Coimata.