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Why is that the Bolivian current president does not take responsibility?!

Monica Briancon writes in Los Tiempos:

Guilty … Me?

Monica Briancon“I am not guilty , for having left forgotten, for not having made ​​love,” were, as I recall, the first few words of a song performed by José Luis Rodríguez, El Puma, about three decades ago. The ditty goes buzzing in my head, like a musical itch, while sounding the words of president Morales, who goes first blaming the world by weather disasters affecting the country.

However, unlike the Puma, the President does not feel guilty or assume any liability to his words or his actions.

While climate change is due to the overexploitation of the resources of this planet, not necessarily those that are “above” (ie northern hemisphere) are the direct perpetrators, and you just have to watch those “below” as the contaminated Chinese or Indian skies to realize that everyone in this world has something to be responsible for in this matter.

Some might argue that the ones “above” avarice causes the “below” ones to produce like crazy, resulting in a snake biting its tail, however there are examples on both sides showing countries with low levels of pollution and high rates of reforestation. Something that does not happen in Bolivia, looking closele, they have cleared 22 million hectares of Bolivian forest, under the blessing of the authorities in power.

And so, according to the president, there are several characters who are guilty. Some of causing baldness, the chickens, another black bubbly beverage, responsible for causing “rarities” and suddenly the international cooperation is so troublesome that ends up buying expensive cars under the excuse that his life is in danger.

He blames everyone, evading any responsibility for his actions and past speeches.

Guilt, like negligence, willful omission involves diligence in calculating the possible and foreseeable consequences of the act itself. Strictly speaking it is defined as a lack of intent of the active cause consequences that the act he undertakes raises, what is said that mentally was not represented by the result of his actions, hence resorting to the easy way of saying that “You have to just do it, because the lawyers will come after you to fix it.”

With this argument it is easier to find a scapegoat, someone to throw the package and act with impunity, because after all the other is to be blamed.

It is therefore more likely to insult the mayor and say that does nothing for the city, instead of not littering the street, to avoid future blockages with consequent waterlogging avenues.

The same happens in the “School”, is the other one who put a bug in the chair’s “teacher” is the other one over there who threw the uncontrolled balloon, it was the “practitioner” that was wrong with the dose of the drug and they were the bad government advisors who ill-advised the government offices.

Always the other, never oneself. Starting from homes where permissive parents allow children to break their toys because they can buy others, since there is money in abundance and ending in ministers and public officials who wash their hands against measures taken and then hinder the functioning of the country.

Bolivia is a country that has matured enough to take responsibility for their actions, like its people or is it that we parked in a childish, naive and childish stage frantically looking for a responsible one for our blunders?

The author is a social communicator



In Bolivia it is common to say: “the glass broke” rather than saying I broke it… and so goes our inability to take responsibility, maybe that is why we ended up with this ochlocracy!