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Bolivian political violence and public opinion

Renzo Abruzzese writes in El Deber:

Violence and public opinion

Renzo AbruzzeseThe wave of violence shaking the country’s major cities exceeded much the operational capabilities of organizations responsible for their control, their magnitude has led to think that an increase in resources and the addition of assistive technology would contribute to decrease or naturalize the incidence – increasing – from criminal acts. On the other hand, in the same proportion in which crimes are multiplying, forms, modalities and the brutality of the crimes multiply. Until few years ago, a couple of criminals strangling coldly a helpless citizen, arose in our eyes as an almost demonic act; today, by contrast, [violence] has been installed in social subjectivity as a regular form of ending the life of a person in exchange for a cell phone or some bills.

Politicians, researchers, intellectuals and, above all, the ordinary people standing, looking for solutions which, so far, seem not to have given any effective results, which leads us to think if reforms in the interior of the organizations responsible for face criminal violence and the technologies and devices created to combat it are part of the solution or, in their absence, are rather part of the problem. Ordinary people have the feeling that as many troops that will be increased, would not change much the results. The perception is based not only on recent experience, but in the certainty that in the delicate balance between crime and its control possibilities, other factors mediate and not necessarily the police, among them are audiovisual communication media, that exploit the crime of irrational way to the detriment of their own ethics that should guide their programs.

Moreover, the understanding of violence is confined to institutions and their devices in advance is a losing battle while it will not mobilize the whole of society and its powerful media. Perhaps most valuable to an army of helicopters and surveillance cameras, a serious effort should be made by influencing the social, ethical and moral values that, ultimately, are the foundations of peaceful coexistence of the societies.