Bolivian politics 101: Return to the coca-grower regime…

Ivan Rada writes in El Diario:

Return to the coca-grower regime

El Diario logoWhen Evo Morales was appointed by the caucuses of the left as their candidate, taking advantage of the image that showed him as the most voted Deputy of the country by the United Left, the economic power that holds the Tropic of Cochabamba began to unfold.

The coca leader was proclaimed and taken to the presidential chair by the alliance of farmers and indigenous sectors ably advised by the ideologists of a utopian communist left which was camouflaged as indigenous to settle at the end in a comfortable middle-class.

Morales has, like all human beings, his own personal trauma and one of them is having seen the harassment made by foreign eradication against his coca peers, many of whom were relocated from DS 21060. This set an animosity toward what he and marxism supporters call ‘the empire’. Then, reaching Government Palace with all the support of his coca-grower bases, promised to defend the “sacred” coca leaf, beyond even from the efforts of Jaime Paz Zamora, who invented the famous phrase “coca is not cocaine”.

And it was so. Coca today enjoys constitutional status with article 384 and the struggle of the cocalero leader arrived abroad with the decriminalization of the coca chewing, if that was ever been penalized. His projection now points to the export of the product, in spite of restrictions involving even carrying a little bag on international flights. Coca is a restricted substance, but as he himself confessed, they get it in diplomatic pouches to show the world the “coca” curative, medicinal and nutritional properties.

The two sectors of producers of coca in the country, recognized by the law 1008, are the Tropic of Cochabamba, Chapare, and North of La Paz, Yungas.

To both sectors, the coca grower leader decided to provide end-of-year gifts, because he had an epiphany when he saw splitting the rocket that transported the Túpac Katari satellite. Tearfully said: “I would not be here if it wasn’t the fight of the Bolivian people”. Then, in a public speech he said if it was not fighting, “who knows, maybe in 2007, 2008, I had already been taken out”.

The left defeated for decades opted for him in the 2005 election, and if it had not achieved the majority of the votes, perhaps was thinking of another candidate for the next election. Assumptions are not random, the same Álvaro García was proposed as a candidate to replace or to face Morales, as revealed Raúl Prada, member of Comuna [commune], the stronghold of middle class intellectuals who breed many of those who today enjoy and control power.

For this reason, and in acknowledgement of their coca bases which enabled him to reach Palace, the President granted vehicles seized from drug trafficking to the Chapare federations and set up a radio station for the Yungas, with the addition of instructing the Minister of communication to give publicity for the support of this new “instrument for decolonization”.

It is worth to remember that the handling of Government propaganda is completely discretionary, with large batches going to programs and pro-Government media and zero ads in private media that challenge the power. Here note the subjugation of businessmen and journalists to petrodollars.

Nor must we let go both the seized items and State advertising for any media that are tuition and property of the people who pay their taxes, which taxed and complies with social norms, which paradoxically does not apply to coca producers, who are free of tax obligations and autonomous in the management of their production, that is, the greatest exponents of capitalist theory of the country.

Morales, in his dual capacity of the plurinational State holder and President of six federations of the Cochabamba tropics, decided to evaluate his cabinet with their bases, at a meeting where the power of tropical again lay presence, not to forget that the country lives today under the regime of coca.

If only those voters who voted him before would understand this… and change their votes for someone else!

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