Bolivian politics 101: 10 keys to recognize totalitarianism

Andres Gomez writes in Pagina Siete:

10 keys to recognize totalitarianism

Andres GomezFascism, Nazism, Stalinism developed as a strategy for the social idiocy to stay in power. Is there a risk that these totalitarian currents are occurring in the present age?

Anything can happen, better to prevent. Recognize them how to care for democracy? I have here 10 keys, with the help of Manuel Angel Vasquez Medel and other authors, to discover them and to avoid them.

1. Absolute truth – Born out of myths, divine revelations or an imposed vision. His devotees become a belief, shielding it facts that can deny it. Then, people who joined rationally become proselytes and deal to transform the doxa in a religion,  which does not support offsets, betrayals, dissensions, heterodoxies or heresies.

2 Führer, duce, chief – Is a powerful emblem. Their proselytes erected him into an omniscient being, a reincarnation, a kind of epitome of the virtues of the most extraordinary heroes. It is a political dowser, intoxicated with the smell of power and wants all the power. Represents the erotica and the necrotic power. His followers are concerned to promote links euphoric, intense and exclusive relationships with the rest of the world. It is not a leader, it is a “God”, they must worship who all those who want to survive politically. There is no Constitution or law that stop it.

3. Propaganda – Is a violent communication which aims to evade the individual of their ability to reason, argue, oppose ideas and criteria. It divides the world into good and bad. Not only uses the media, but symbols, signs, clothing, flags, banners, gestures, screams, slogans, events, pharaonic works. Take advantage of everything. Molds fans, so they are able to deliver their father, son, friend, mentor, colleague or partner for the [benefit of the] cause.

4. New world – The totalitarian almost always breaks with the past. All of the past, does not exist [does not count], except the myth. Doesn’t know the dialectic. It seeks to achieve the individual to break with his history and assume a new logic or worldview. That absolute truth is nested in the mind of the acolyte where should not go out for nothing, because beyond there is the abyss and death.

5. Emotion, not reason – These regimes are involved with the mind, especially with the affective structures, so people avoid their contact with the “outside world” or other ideas “highly dangerous” to the survival of ‘change’. At this point, the proselyte is not fixed on what they say, but who tells: a communist, rightist, Jew or left wing. In this way he condemns the Messenger, without hearing a likely valuable message.

6 Party become cult – Is a vertical organization where there is one voice that defines everything and orders his followers to move (national movement, communist movement, etc.) toward a goal or purpose: race, homeland and history. Since taking power change principles by dogma and worships his ‘God’.

7. Political metastasis – To the fascist or Stalinist, the dogma of the sect must be like a cancer that undermines entire social fabric to ensure that all have a single thought. It is a virus that should be “eaten” by hook or by crook to all who try to maintain a different thought.

8. Racist – Privileges in speech to the “chosen race”, the rest is outcasted. Miscegenation as a natural social process is not supported. Only some have culture and others not. It distills a hatred that verges on the paroxysm against different, away from the herd.

9. Fear – Totalitarianism instills fear that the cowardice of many feed their power and govern in the name of the village until the end of time.

10. Media – Fascist, Nazi, Stalinist tend to control the democratic media in different ways because its end last is to impose only thinking in the service of his ‘God’. If you smell or envision a regime of this kind anywhere in the world, do not ignore it or run, for the sake of your children, let’s face it.

Andrés Gómez sail is a journalist

Crystal clear message for October 2014…

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