Bolivian governmental’s conspiracy and fabricated trials…

Susan Seleme writes in El Deber:

The conspiracy and trial

Susana SelemeIt was first the plot planned by the head of the regime, Evo Morales, the ‘vice’ [VP], its operators, double agents undercover and several consultants, radical fundamentalists of death as a single set. The objective were 39 citizens of Santa Cruz, Beni and Pando, all separatists. The purpose was to destroy from root the autonomous political power that arose from the East, this time as the organic force which gained followers and threatened the Andean-center domain. The plot had different phases of physical, political, and psychological violence. The first was in Porvenir – September 2008 – with 12 dead and the coup against the then prefect of Pando, Leopoldo Fernández, today with house arrest for health reasons, and also brought about the exile of hundreds of pandinos to neighboring Brazil.

The second phase was the mounting of a so-called separatist movement based in Santa Cruz, which concluded with the extrajudicial execution of three suspects, foreign advisers to the separatists, but whose ringleader the Hungarian-Bolivian Eduardo Rózsa was double agent of the regime. Those deaths, after two minor victimless attacks, gave the regime the pretext for mounting the trial of 39 people for the crime of ‘terrorism-separatism’. Here only there was State terrorism, as the two attacks and the assault on the hotel Las Americas, with the murder of three foreigners, were designed with meticulous political, intellectual and operational precision by the wickedness of the men of Morales. In charge of opaque prosecutors, judges, assessors and extortionists, the trial is a legal joke and a personal drama of eight detainees that lead and bring as if they were cargo from La Paz to Santa Cruz and vice versa. There is also a defendant with house arrest, seven to defend themselves in liberty and the rest between persecuted and exiled politicians.

The trial has violated all the rules of procedural law and human rights: not has it respected due process, or the territorial competition, because if the alleged offences took place in Santa Cruz, here the process must substantiate “cruceño” professionals and not servile lawyers to the regime in La Paz. Nor was respected the presumption of innocence, fair trial and defense, nor the duration of any trial, which should not be extended beyond three years, and this has been more than four.

Three of the current prisoners suffering from severe heart disease. Two weeks ago had to be hospitalized, with unprecedented misery by keeping them handcuffed to their beds. One of them without having fed or allowed to do his physiological needs which corresponds, but in their bed, for 24 hours. Worse than in war.

… and this is the government that intends to perpetuate in power? … should we allow them to succeed in their illegitimate attempts for a third election? NO!!!!

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