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Bolivian Justice needs to speed up!

Aside of Bolivian Justice been “managed” by the executive power, by the MAS ochlocracy, as they appointed/fired judges, prosecutors et al, it is way to slow, and that needs to change!

ANF reports in El Dia:

Church expresses concern over slowdown of Justice

2013-11-12 08.54.50 amMonsignor Eugenio Scarpellini, Secretary General of the Bolivian Episcopal Conference, expressed yesterday, the concern of the Catholic Church about investigations carried out by the public prosecutor about burglaries at temples, cases in which priests and female religious people were involved, but which were not respected by the presumption of innocence, provided for in the political Constitution of the State and were victims of judicial delays. Why, more than six months of these events, there are not serious advances in the investigation? They wonder. / ANF

The Catholic Church concerns are not the only ones, regarding Justice performance. Other political cases remain idle and political persecution is the driver to push for political persecution as trials are set for whatever reason against people who dare to speak or question current government’s wrongdoings. This needs to change!!