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Bolivian coca conundrum and international politics…

Over 15 years ago, it was common practice that the European countries and the UNDP were critics to the Bolivian government but did nothing about it, they just let the Americans be the “bad guys” (I know about this as I used to work in an international bilateral organization) … well it is long while since there is no US Ambassador, and the DEA, NAS and USAID were expelled by current ruling ochlocracy and the need for someone to demand compliance of international agreements remains vacant… The coca study funded by the EU remained in the freezer over three years and … results are not acceptable. Will the new donor leaders say something or will they play the same lame excuses as before, to remain “neutral”?

The following article was written by Manfredo Kempff for El Diario:

Mysterious study

Manfredo KempffEverything is a mystery in Bolivia. Everything is hidden, secret, arcane. But, in addition, the art has been imposed for the concealment that it is as close to the occult. Dress up and pretend, ravelling things are natural skills that the current leaders have. They make it with mastery. Simulate not to understand what was asked or respond in a form so tangled that nothing is understood by them. They answer as if it were a literal translation from Chinese to Spanish and of course everything is absurd. You must not insist on the same question because there is a risk that they feel infuriated or will be offended. We have seen it in the Palace of Government. They think that the “whitish” is trying to humiliate them, segregate them, which is a provocative racist.

Another example of these pluri mysteries has been the happy study on demand for coca in Bolivia paid by the European Union. Three years has been tucked away in a drawer (or safe). The same Europeans began to demand that the document be made public because time and money had been spent for a reason. However, the Government kept secrets that contained the work and began the concealment and the sleight of hand. Month to month was postponing delivery of results, just as it did with the census.

How much coca should be planted in Bolivia? How many Bolivians do consume it? How much coca goes to the illegal market, namely drug trafficking? Are the 12,000 hectares as stated by the 1.008 law enough? Are they sufficient 20,000 or 30,000? What does the study say? There begins to operate the language double, triple, quadruple. They begin to talk about masters of the lie and tangle. First, they say that the study is not “binding”, which is not enforceable by the State. Then that is just a “reference”, almost a vagueness. It is “technical work” that may be taken into account or not. They say that it could serve as a “base” If a new coca law is drawn up. And finally, they claim that the study is “incomplete” and that to be complete must be “socialized it”. Farce!

The EU is obliged to tell us what the result of their study is. They must notify if it has not been under makeup as the Constitution [design/approval] was. If there is enough cultivated coca or there needs to grow more, like coca growers want. They are required to decipher us what our palatial-people are entangled in. Without that, the support of the EU will have been useless.


So… meet the coca/cocaine ruling ochlocracy pursuing their illegitimate re-re-election…