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Environment and National Parks under peril due to intended oil exploration!

El Diario reports:

Jubileo warns conflicts due to oil exploration

2013-11-20 09.42.20 amSpecialist argues that for exploration and exploitation it is necessary that the Government conducts a prior consultation to the communities and indigenous peoples, before being declared as [oil, gas] reserves in favor of YPFB.

The search for new hydrocarbon resources by Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB), could generate conflicts with the population, since these would be located in nine national parks and nature reserves, so says the specialist of the Jubileo Foundation, Celica Hernandez, she said that it is necessary for the Government to proceed to a consultation with communities and indigenous peoples prior to performing the work of exploration and exploitation. [and I would say not only to them, as the whole Bolivian society needs and must have their national parks and natural reserves be protected! so, it is up to ALL of us to protect our environment, we should not let an ephemeral ruling government decide for future generations!]

Hernandez recalled that the Hydrocarbons Law 3058, maintains that this mechanism is mandatory and that the decisions that result from the process must be respected, in accordance with article 115.

Meanwhile, Raúl Velásquez said that the number of areas reserved for YPFB increased since 2007 when YPFB was granted 33 areas through the Supreme Decree (DS) 29226, within the framework of article 34 of the sectoral law. During 2010, 23 new areas were added through DS 676. In April, 2012 through the DS 1203, another 42 areas were increased, totaling 98 to date.

On the other hand, oil analyst warned that natural gas reserves would come to an end in eight years, in 2021, without new reservoir discoveries, noting that the exploratory projects results’  will be in five to seven years.


So… lots of pressure… an illegitimate re-re-election in the verge and OUR environment in peril. Under Environmental Economics, we use the expression “internalize the externalities” and that is to give proper value to our natural resources… in a nutshell: seek oil and gas elsewhere in our territory… may be more expensive but over the long-run we will be protecting OUR environment and the well-being of future Bolivian citizens and wildlife!!!!!