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Ruling Bolivia Ochlocracy and the incompetence of the multilateral donors!

I couldn’t agree more with Humberto Vacaflor, he writes in Siglo 21:


Assaults with applause

Humberto VacaflorA procession of international personalities has passed by Bolivia in the past two months, convened by the Government, to have them repeat praise to economic policy.

Agriculture producers: the IDB and CAF Presidents, the Secretary general of the OAS and the Secretary general of the SEGIB, passed through Bolivia, praised the economic policies and not learned about the 70 farms in Santa Cruz that remain occupied by the assailants.

Mining companies: They have not either learned that from 2006 until now, there are around 400 mining companies that have been raided and now operate under a new situation, with the extreme end that occurs in Colquiri, where the assailants made a joint venture with Comibol.

Last week, the Getulio Vargas Foundation gave a high rating to the Bolivian, 4th economic situation in South America, that seemed a mistake by the Economist Julio Alvarado.

Happy robbers: this took place in the week that attackers from La Fortuna which ended up selling the harvest of these lands, left, but the next day returned, this time armed and determined to stay.

Other assailants, also armed, took Limoncito agricultural properties, with the warning that they are not going to leave, even if prompted by the INRA.

In the same situation are the other 68 bunch properties where the assailants have installed themselves, who shelter in tents of blue plastic and that they claim to act with the support of the Government.

Happy creditors: of all the personalities who came to the country in this season were two of the IDB and CAF, which had reason to praise the Government because, at the end, and after all, they represent creditor of Bolivia institutions. And it is known that creditors treat debtors very well, especially if they pay well and promptly, in addition to having a very positive attitude to receive new loans.

Electoral tour: Meanwhile, the Secretary general of the OAS came during the campaign for his re-election in the post and made statements which, according to the former President Jorge Quiroga, were one contradiction with respect to others that had made the organization about the re-re-election of EMA.

But if executives of international organizations were unaware of the problems facing the private sector in Bolivia, the European ambassadors were increasingly interested in the topic.

Silent accomplice: on the other hand, the President of the CEPB says that national employers are not interested in the adoption of the investment law, but eager for the tax burden to be determined.

The leaders of the agro-industrial sector of Santa Cruz, on the other hand, have taken seriously the role they have and now call for real solutions to the problem of the take overs.

First signs: is that these leaders believe that these outlets may only be the beginning of an uncontrollable situation that could occur in this election campaign.

By this time, these fears have a reason to be: the Government shows that do not plan to use force to remove the assailants, even less if the country continues to receive praise for its economic policy.