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Bolivia under growing anarchy… thanks to existing ruling ochlocracy!

A description of how anarchy is taking over our nation!

Maggy Talavera writes in El Deber:

A ‘pest’ consent

Maggy TalaveraThere was a stir five years ago when President Evo Morales said: “when the lawyers tell me that it is illegal, I say just do it, and then legalized it; for that, they have studied”. But after the uproar, nothing happened. I remember hearing from someone so it would be because, in the background, the majority of Bolivians are identified with that statement. Today everything leads us to believe that is just the way it is. Politicians in office and many other non-politicians live daily ‘by just doing it’, consolidating as a standard master, the twisting of laws, alter data and supplant the truth for the lie.

The practice is so common, that can already be considered as a plague difficult to combat, especially because it is not presented as a serious disease that can lead to death, but rather as a ‘healthy’ practice that brings immediate benefit to what seems to be the main organ of the human body: the Pocket. Something very serious, especially if we consider contagion levels detected in the elites of all kinds, governmental or not. A breakthrough that frightens not only because no sight of an antidote is seen in the short-term, but also by the aggressiveness and violence with which act the plague and the people who are ‘plague-prone’.

This is what we are seeing in Bolivia, in general, and particularly in Santa Cruz, where the scourge of ‘just do it’ – for more than it is illegal, illegitimate and even unfair – has taken account of the ‘bosses’ and subordinates of the three levels of Government, the three powers of the State and the heads and members of the vast majority of entities and corporate sectors are going as a great ‘plague-proners’ gang ravaging everything they have in front, encouraging the spread of plague to ‘harvest’ at will. They give a damn of the people and their health, the country and its development, region and their autonomy, city and sustainability.

Let them be it!, makes you want to say. But that relief is not enough to get rid of the evils that leaves in its wake the plague, or to prevent its contagion to younger generations, who like to load the responsibility for the future. There will be no future, even as it presents, if we leave the ‘plague prone’ people, just continue putting, whether inside the Tipnis, in Chapare, in the Quemado Palace, in the Park of Autonomy, in Apollo, in future or as in any patriotic corner that exists… the antidote is in our hands, and that comes in many forms, and not just in the form of voting.